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Since every student in the University has a different time schedule, we want to make our programme flexible enough for Volunteers who have the desire to help raise literacy amongst children.

The volunteer must first register through the coordinator of Education,  go to the school  with the coordinator of education and introduce himself or herself to the Head Teacher who will help him or her select one pupil who has trouble reading .

The tutor will then be expected to schedule with the class teacher/Head teacher and the pupil, and indicate this information in the attendance book.

The Volunteer tutor, after registering with the club, will be provided with a literacy guideline by the Coordinator of Education which will help him/her in tutoring the pupil. He/she will also be provided with an exercise book and pen which he/she shall use during the lesson with the child.

The university student volunteers will function to assist the school children with homework, English language proficiency and informal mentoring.


Tutoring /Mentoring role

EdAid Foundation has a literacy guideline which is given to the tutors to guide them in their tutoring activities.

Once the student has chosen the book that is to be read during the reading period, he or she will meet the university student volunteer.

The volunteer should try to initiate the meeting by creating a friendship with the student. For the mentoring role to take place, the student must feel comfortable with the volunteer. After a few minute of becoming acquainted, or catching up after consecutive meetings, the volunteer should then declare that it is time to begin with the assigned reading.

The volunteer will then introduce the book to the student by reading the title and first passage. This allows the student to hear the correct pronunciation of words and how to better create a rhythm when reading.  The pupil and volunteer should trade off reading aloud to one another throughout the assigned reading until finished. During the reading, the volunteer should ask the student what is happening in the story so far or specific questions about the plot encouraging reading comprehension. With time, handouts will be made for selected readings. Once the pupil has completed the reading, he or she will try to answer the questions from the handout using complete sentences. The volunteer can facilitate this process as well by reflecting on the reading with the pupil and posing questions that specifically pertain to the handout.

University Field Trips /Excursions

When possible and in consultations with parents and the authorities of the various schools, EdAid Foundation would arrange excursions to the universities for the students. By doing this, the students will begin to build a stronger connection with the university and will hopefully encourage continuing their own education.

Community Project

Income generating activities (IGA) will be hosted to accumulate income from the Mempeasem community members and the E.P School and any other community that we become involve with. Through this and other methods, we hope to improve education for the lifelong learner.



Adult Literacy and Vocational Class

Community Agriculture – Farming Cassava and other crops.

Tutoring /Mentoring program in Agbogba and then to other rural communities all over Ghana.

Urban gardens

Community co-orperatives


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